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School Visits & Speaking Engagements

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I love to speak (virtually and in-person) to writers' groups and conferences, book con audiences, theatre groups, teachers and librarians, and junior high and high school students!


Email me at to inquire about fees and availability.


Possible topics for writers include:

-What Writers Can Learn from Actors

-Write Faster, Not Longer: Tips and Tricks for Boosting Your Daily World Count

-How to Use Physical Action Like a Playwright

-How to Craft Dialogue Like a Playwright

-Crafting Believable Young Adult Dialogue

-How to Plot the Perfect Murder (Mystery!)

-More Than a Place: Making Setting a Character in Your Story

-Writing Along the Edge: Adding Tension and Suspense to Your Writing

-A Peek Behind the Pages: The Truth About How Traditional Publishing Works (and Doesn't!)

-Legends and Lore: Weaving Local Myths and Magic into Your Supernatural Stories

-Darkness Falls: Why the World Has Always Loved (and Needed!) Dark, Creepy Stories

Possible topics for teachers and librarians include:

-Why Contemporary YA Deserves a Spot on Your Bookshelf

-Lighting the Darkness: Why Kids Need Dark Stories

-Engaging Your Literature or Creative Writing Students with Theatre Games

-It's No Mystery: Tapping Into the Allure of Young Adult Thrillers to Engage Teen Readers and Writers

Possible topics for junior high and high school students include:

-A Peak Behind the Pages: The Truth About Writing, Revising, and Publishing a Book

-The World Needs Your Voice: Why Artists are Important...and Why YOU Already Are One!

-Legends and Lore: Finding Inspiration in the Myths, Magic, Ghosts, and Superstitions of Your Own Hometown

-Using Drama Games and Exercises to Improve Your Writing

-Keeping it Real: A Process Workshop for Young Actors

-Building Character: Bringing Realistic Characters to Life on the Stage or on the Page

-Writers' Workshops or Small Group Intensives for Young Writers, Playwrights, Actors, or Directors

Have your own idea for a special workshop or event for your group? Email me at to let me know what you have in mind!

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